There is a lot to enjoy in St James Cavalier Cultural Centre in Valletta. It is a 16th century building, constructed by The Order the Knights of St John, as part of the city’s defences. This amazing, former-military stronghold now warmly welcomes visitors, whereas in years gone by its purpose was to repel invaders.

On our last visit there, once we’d viewed the main exhibitions, we fully explored the rest of the place.

I remember watching a ballet rehearsal through the glass wall of an underground ballet studio. Another memory is eating out on a “hard-to-find” sunny terrace, mainly used by well-heeled locals.

We also found an area well-screened from the public, and of course couldn’t resist venturing in (albeit tentatively).

That was where I saw these life-size religious figures wrapped up in clear plastic and spookily lit:

Wrapped Up Saints ©HelenBushe
Wrapped Up Saints ©HelenBushe

We didn’t linger in case one of them moved!!

Further on we came across a double bass (or is it a cello?), an accordion and drums of various sizes wearing camouflage gear:

Camouflage Band ©HelenBushe
Drums of War ©HelenBushe

I’ve often wondered if the saints and the musical instruments were destined to be exhibited together, or if their juxtaposition, behind the screens, was purely random.

I guess I’ll never know!

Thanks to Becky for her January Square Up Challenge, without which this trip down memory lane would never have happened for me.


BeckyB · 26 January 2021 at 13:05

ooh that is all a bit spooky, almost an episode from Dr Who!

    Helen Bushe · 26 January 2021 at 13:34

    Aaaaaargh . Look out, Daleks, the saints are coming with their drums.

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