Tufted Ducks are especially cute. These little diving ducks are easily recognisable by their eponymous tuft and their bright yellow eyes. The nickname “Tufty” suits them very well.

Tufted Duck 1 ©HelenBushe

There are just under 20,000 breeding pairs in the UK, who are joined each winter by another 110,000 of their relatives from Iceland and Northern Europe.

They can look pensive, in a stern sort of way, as they study you getting closer with your telephoto lens:

Tufted Duck 2 ©HelenBushe

And they’re not scared to remind you just whose territory it is, if they think you’re getting too close:

Tufted Duck 3 ©HelenBushe

Images ©Helen Bushe

All images were taken on a very dull day 10 years ago at Hogganfield Loch in Scotland, an inland stretch of water near Glasgow. They have been downloaded from my Flickr photostream and “refreshed” using LUMINAR4 (mainly to brighten them and to eradicate noise).

This post was inspired by Lisa’s latest Weekly Bird Challenge: Birds Hunted or Consumed by Humans.

Tufted Ducks are protected in UK by the Country and Wildlife Act 1981. In an ideal world, this should ensure that a Tufty would never appear in the sight of a hunting rifle………..

……..in an ideal world.


bushboy · 24 November 2020 at 02:10

No way would I mess with that duck!!!

Lisa Coleman · 21 November 2020 at 19:58

What an awesome dabbler! Those expressions are priceless! Great captures! 🙂

    Helen Bushe · 22 November 2020 at 11:07

    Thanks Lisa. Telephoto lens does let us see expressions we’d normally miss

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