Sadly it soon will be the end of this wonderful 115-year old Victorian pier in Colwyn Bay. 

 There are notices of its pending demolition posted on lampposts along the promenade. Various schemes to save it have failed and court actions have been lost.  Ironically, the adjacent beaches on either side have been “done up”, the whole length of the promenade has been renovated and a new watersports centre will open soon a couple of hundred metres along from the pier.  Murals (albeit dilapidated) by Eric Ravilious and Mary Adshead may not be able to be saved in any form other than photographs. But, apparently, once the bulldozers have finished, some form of commemoration will be placed on the site. A plaque?? The Pier was Here????? But it fell down???? 

It’s so well locked up/barricaded/secured that it’s impossible to get close even to the supports on the beach and you can’t set foot on the pier itself. This was all I could see through the railings:


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sheilahwatson · 13 April 2015 at 20:52

What a sad end for this. Real memory from my childhood

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