Our local stretch of the canal has been a sanity-saver throughout the 12 months of lockdown or near-lockdown restrictions.

At any time of any day, of any month, of any season, of any year, there is always something different to see…..

……..like a watchful figurine, high in the hedgerow……..

Watching over the Canal ©HelenBushe

……….or simply the changing shapes of the trees as leaves begin to obscure the branches….

New Growth ©HelenBushe

…….or Canada Geese starting to pair up …..

Canada Geese ©HelenBushe

…….or simply reflections of springtime blues and greens to enjoy…..

Blues&Greens 4©HelenBushe
Blues&Greens ©HelenBushe

These pictures were taken one day last week on an early-ish morning walk along the towpath of the Lancaster Canal.

We’ve been a couple of times since then (before temperatures dropped to present level!) and again noticed different things. One day we saw an otter and a Great White Egret, both of which are extremely rare around here.

Lockdown has certainly been of benefit to wildlife.

This post was inspired by Becky’s April Squares Challenge: Bright.



Manja Mexi Mexcessive · 11 April 2021 at 14:56

This last photo is just stunning. These are my favourite colours. I even shared it on Facebook (I’m not sure that you saw that.)

ladysighs · 9 April 2021 at 18:46

Every season has something to offer. I imagine your pictures would be lovely in any season. 🙂

    Helen Bushe · 10 April 2021 at 07:47

    Thank you. Our local stretch of the canal has plenty to offer throughout the year. We love it.

bushboy · 9 April 2021 at 00:35

Wonderful photos Helen. I am glad you put up some of the images from the video 🙂 🙂

    Helen Bushe · 9 April 2021 at 06:47

    Thank you so much Brian. Have a good weekend.

susurrus · 8 April 2021 at 18:31

Some fantastic trees here!

BeckyB · 8 April 2021 at 17:54

oh to have this on your doorstep – how wonderful. The light and reflections are fabulous, so pleased you are back for squares.

    Helen Bushe · 8 April 2021 at 18:08

    Thanks Becky. It’s certainly not a bad place to be in lockdown .

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