Red Square.

A gallery of “RED” images, all in SQUARE format. Please click on any image to view full-size or to start a slideshow: All images ©HelenBushe Thanks to Cee for her inspiring challenge this week : “CFFC Reed, Read or Red”

London Eye ©HelenBushe

All Lit up and Shining Brightly.

Bright Lights! City Lights! Candlelight! As January draws to a close, there’s only a couple more days to post in Becky’s Square Up Challenge. I wonder what she will have in store for us “squares” in her next challenge in a couple of months time????

Garlic ©HelenBushe

Pile ’em Up High, Sell ’em Cheap!

Two for the price of one! This post was prompted by two (coincidentally) similar challenges this week: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Stacked or Piled Up Becky’s January Square Up Challenge. Thanks to you both, for helping me while away my time looking at old pictures on another damp and foggy Read more…

Camouflage Band ©HelenBushe

Wrapped Up: Saints and Camouflaged Drums.

There is a lot to enjoy in St James Cavalier Cultural Centre in Valletta. It is a 16th century building, constructed by The Order the Knights of St John, as part of the city’s defences. This amazing, former-military stronghold now warmly welcomes visitors, whereas in years gone by its purpose Read more…

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