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MONDAY is MACRO DAY: WEEK 4: Bumblebees and Pollen Baskets

POLLINATION in ACTION ! As busy as a bee! As busy as bumblebee! As busy as this Common Carder Bee gathering pollen was on Tuesday afternoon this week at Myers Allotment in Silverdale.   And what’s the orange clump on this bee’s leg? It’s a pollen basket: What’s a pollen Read more…

white butterflies UK Large White Butterfly macro mondays garden sky

MONDAY is MACRO DAY: WEEK 3: White Butterflies

MONDAY MACROS: Large White and Green-veined White Butterflies. My Monday Macro series continues with a couple of shots of white butterflies taken yesterday in the garden. I think there is a Zen-like quality to time spent watching these elegant creatures flitting from flower to flower in search of nectar. (The Read more…

Blue-Tailed Damselfly Monday macro Brockholes

MONDAY is MACRO DAY: WEEK 2: Damselflies

MONDAY MACROS: Blue-Tailed Damselflies. My Monday Macro series continues with a few shots of Blue-Tailed Damselflies taken last week on a visit to Brockholes Nature Reserve. I love watching these little creatures; they’re so delicate and brightly coloured. There are about the size of one of those sewing needles that Read more…

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