Monday Macro: Bye Bye Butterflies.

I think yesterday was definitely our last day of summer, and what a glorious one it was. There was not a cloud in the sky and the mercury was a comfortable 23 degrees Centigrade. Today, the temperature has dropped by almost 10 degrees and and rain has battered down all Read more…

Monday Macro: Even a Flower can have a Bad-Hair Day.

I have two pictures for this weeks Monday Macro…….. …….an elegant, sophisticated, minimalist rose: ………and a sunflower having a bad-hair day: All images ©HelenBushe When I look in the mirror, I kind of identify more with the second picture. How about you? For more macros, visit Sunshine’s Monday Macro 8.

Monday Macro: Today’s Canalside Macros.

It’s August Bank Holiday Monday in England today, which is the last holiday of the summer. Children will soon be going back to school and signs of autumn are rapidly appearing all around us. I took these shots this morning on a walk along the towpath of our local canal. Read more…

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