Puffin with Family’s Dinner

Throwback Thursday : A Puffin with his Family’s Dinner I don’t check the stats very often on my flickr account but when I looked this morning I saw that this picture had 5,959 views in one day (yesterday). I’m intrigued to know the reason for this , as it can’t Read more…

Puffin Island

45,000 pairs of puffins this year on the Isle of May and none of them camera shy. It’s a real privilege to visit their island.         They seem to be aware of us humans but not in any way bothered by us.

Trip to Isle of May

Amazing trip out to Isle of May, Scottish National Nature Reserve in the Firth of Forth. 45,000 pairs of puffins this year, which is down on last year but about the same as in 2009, so their numbers have been maintained despite terrible storms earlier in the year Also many Read more…

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