Empty Seats in Palma: Horse-drawn Carriages.

We enjoyed a late-spring trip to the Mallorcan capital city of Palma a couple of years ago. Reminiscing whilst looking through the 883 (!!) of pictures I took in Palma on my phone, I’ve noticed that a good number show empty seats. I certainly have enough for a few posts Read more…

Upstairs and Downstairs in Palma

Steps and Stairs in Palma Old Town The Old Town in Palma, capital of the Mediterranean island of Majorca, is a photographer’s paradise. Whilst not everyone who visits Palma comes home with scores of pictures of steps, stairs, doors, rusty hinges and so on, I suspect that some of you Read more…

Bluejohn on Green Bag, smile on Saturday, cat,

Smile on Saturday: The Cat Sat in the Green Bag

You put your shopping bag down for a minute behind the kitchen door while you look for car keys….. …..and suddenly its not your bag any more. (picture taken this morning on iPhone 8 Plus) Thank you for visiting PHOTOPHILE Smile on Saturday

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