Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Animals

I’ve encountered some beautiful animals recently when I’ve been out and about in the countryside. Here are a of a few of them: You’ll find lots more photographs of animals this week at Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Animals.

Upstairs and Downstairs in Palma

Steps and Stairs in Palma Old Town The Old Town in Palma, capital of the Mediterranean island of Majorca, is a photographer’s paradise. Whilst not everyone who visits Palma comes home with scores of pictures of steps, stairs, doors, rusty hinges and so on, I suspect that some of you Read more…

Rainbow Colours colours Hammock shop in Barcelona

Rainbow Colours in the Hammock Shop

I was enthralled by the beautiful rainbow colours we found in this hammock shop in Barcelona. How I’d love to have bought a hammock but we’ve nowhere to put one. That really would have been one impulse-buy too many! Rainbow colours can be found everywhere from the clogs on the Read more…

macro, blue water drop

Macro Photography

Macro Photography “Macro Photography” is a phrase which immediately takes me back to summer days spent eyeballing butterflies, dragonflies and anything else I can find.  What I love about this kind of photography is that it allows me to see into a macro-world too small for for human eyesight to Read more…

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