Throwback Thursday: Two Cygnets

  I went back 5 years in the archives for this picture of two cygnets and even after so many years I can still remember their antics. There were four of them all together out for a walk with their mum and dad. Every time they took a couple of Read more…

The Eagle has Landed (you just can’t see it)

Thanks Hugh, for your Photo Challenge Week 26 : DistanceĀ as its given me a chance to post something I never thought would see the light of day on this blog. Distance? Oh I know all about that in my pursuit of THE wildlife image. When I had a 50mm-270mm lens, Read more…

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 16: “Behind”.

Thanks to Hugh for this week’s photo challenge:”Behind” I couldn’t resist this one from springtime a couple of years ago. No explanation or description needed. I do wonder if the little ones take it in turns to sit in the driving seat, though.

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