Open Doors for Thursday Doors in Barcelona

The Door to the Zone of Hope is Open.

Open Doors in Barcelona. The door to the Zone of Hope was open when we passed by…….. Why didn’t we go straight in?  We were en route for a pastry and a coffee. When we passed by an hour or so later, the door was closed. We’d missed our one Read more…

Barcelona CFFC Vibrant colours Bowie

Vibrant Colours in Barcelona.

Pictures showing vibrant colours in Barcelona could fill a blog-post tens of thousands of pages long. Its certainly the most vibrant city I’ve ever visited. Each year I come back with around 1400 colourful photographs;  three trips = 3×1400 = 4200.  Quite a lot! And certainly plenty to keep me Read more…

Gothic Monastery of Pedralbes Barcelona cell door Thursday doors

Pedralbes: A Cell Door in the Gothic Cloisters

Pedralbes Monastery. We’ve just come back from our third trip to Barcelona. Apple Photos is telling me I took 1,300 pictures with my iPhone. (only about 15 more than last year!) I haven’t looked at many yet, but it’s Thursday and NORM’S THURSDAY DOORS are calling me to action. I’m Read more…

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