Trip to Preston’s Saturday Market today was prompted by adverts promising a “Vintage /Retro Extravaganza”.  Whilst the word “extravaganza” might have been nudging the boundaries of Advertising Standards, there was a fair bit to see and a great deal of good humour.

Today’s blog pics were taken in the open market downstairs before the extravaganza was discovered (it was well hidden  upstairs). This guitar man was singing a verse of “Corinna Corinna” in the style of Bob Dylan and was happy to play an encore for this vintage/retro photographer.

guitar man

Another photographer (there were a few of us around today) was trying to play a record on an old wind up gramophone. Apparently he had put the arm down back-to-front also with the needle at the last groove instead of the first.  A passer-by explained all this and showed him how it worked. And quite a revelation that seemed to be.

old gramophone

As it was the 1st March, Marie Curie Charity collectors were on the streets.  This collector was threatening/promising to give everyone a hug later if they came back in a couple of hours when he would be dressed as a daffodil. Now that’s not an offer you get every day. I hope a lot of people took him up on it and also chucked a loads of money in his bucket.

marie Curie

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Anonymous · 1 March 2014 at 21:19

A good afternoon out

I'm always pleased to read comments.....

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