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Someone reading the jokes on Blackpool’s wonderful Comedy Pavement, standing (almost) ‘Right between the “i”s.’

between the eyes



haloangel1 · 23 January 2016 at 04:12

I’ve selected your blog for the Liebster Award. I was selected and now I am paying it forward to you! It is a bit of work, but I hope you will be pleased and consider it. You can find details on my post.

    HMB · 23 January 2016 at 04:27

    Hi. Thank you very much for this. I am away from home (and laptop) right now so viewing this on phone. Don’t quite understand “awards” but it is nice to get one! I hope to get back to Blogging101 in s week or so.

sustainabilitea · 16 January 2016 at 02:49



    HMB · 16 January 2016 at 06:40

    Thanks Janet.

HMB · 15 January 2016 at 21:21

Thanks for pingback.(i don’t yet understand ping backs, but I’m sure they’re good and hopefully can get me more traffic to my blog.

WPC: Alphabet (In Memory) | Chris Breebaart Photography / What's (in) the picture? · 15 January 2016 at 20:18

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