Two favourite things feature as my  OddBall choices for Cee’s Challenge this week:

Bread and Chocolate.

OddBall COB bread

OddBall: Bread ©HelenBushe


OddBall COB chocolate

OddBall: Chocolate Exchange ©HelenBushe


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And thanks as ever to Cee:



Cee Neuner · 2 September 2018 at 17:16

Wonderful photos. 😀

    HMB · 4 September 2018 at 19:40

    Thank you Cee. I’ve just noticed that OddBallChallenge is finished! Awwww that’s a shame

Laurie Graves · 1 September 2018 at 13:51


    HMB · 4 September 2018 at 19:39

    You can’t beat the smell of freshly baked bread

cwaugh212 · 1 September 2018 at 13:50

Red AND Chocolate. What could be better?

    HMB · 1 September 2018 at 13:50

    Not a lot! Thanks Charles.

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