“When is a door not a door?” asked the riddle in my Tiny Tots comic hundreds of years ago.  Their answer was “When it’s a-jar”, but that never made me laugh.

But this did………

illusory door

…….especially as it’s in a lane in my home city of Glasgow’s West End, and on the side of a restaurant frequented by the well-heeled, in an area frequented by students, with  both groups generally well-oiled.  I wonder how many have staggered into it and not understood what went wrong.   Ah, those were the days!  These days a matinee at the  cinema at the end of the lane, followed by a curry, and it’s straight home for me.

I love photographing doors (didn’t realize it was so popular) and have quite a collection of images. When I looked through some for this challenge I saw that they were mostly closed doors and I’ll put  in a gallery of these at the end of this post.

But I think from now on I’m going to be looking more at open doors as this one I saw in Leeds last week  looked so very inviting:

open door

And yet I didn’t go in!!!!!  It might not have delivered and that would have been disappointing. But what if it HAD??????


I do think that it has made these closed doors look a lot less fun (lovely though I think they are):

Oh well that’s doors for you. They make you think.



Bipasha · 9 July 2015 at 13:53

I like the first one the most!

    HMB · 9 July 2015 at 14:29

    Thank you. I think I do too.

sheilahwatson · 6 July 2015 at 21:04

So many doors, so many colours. They look great.

    HMB · 6 July 2015 at 21:23


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