Today found me at a local stable with my camera (all to do with delivering an Easter Egg but that’s irrelevant), the point being that I didn’t go out specifically to take piccies of horses. Now I’m not very good with horses. A donkey ride at Blackpool was ok when I was 4 years old, but later I tried horse-riding and was never so scared in my life that I would fall off and shatter into a thousand pieces which would be turned into two thousand pieces when the horse trampled over them.

But I did try today, from the other side of a fence, to get some pictures and it’s quite hard. The light was wrong, the horse wouldn’t stand still, I had the wrong lens…….etc etc. Whilst, in truth, I had the right lens, the light was fine and the horse did stand still (for a few seconds, once).

So I came back with no decent stand-alone-not-much-processing-needed files Nothing that required only a modest tweak to levels, but a few that have survived by dint of a MASSIVE overhaul involving High-Key, Low-Key, Colour-Pop, vignetting, not to mention dramatic close-up, and all to save me admitting TOTAL defeat. And it’s fun playing with Photoshop anyway.

tied up monochrome2 webAsh colour pop2Ash's Eye web

Still pursuing the animal theme, here is what you get when you lie down beside cat, select aperture f2 or thereabouts, focus carefully with macro lens on one beautiful copper coloured eye……and just in that millisecond before you press the shutter button…..the cat yawns…..

Misty's teeth WEBAh well, at least I know her teeth are ok.




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