Lots for sale at the Thursday Antiques/Bric-a-Brac Market in Preston, from a second-hand (third-hand,fourth-hand,fifth-hand?) plastic badger with a leg missing to an old Beano album with so many coffee rings and scribbles that you couldn’t see the pictures.

There were lots of camera enthusiasts looking at equipment from the pre-digital era. Remember those little flash cubes that you stuck on top of a Kodak Instamatic? You get the impression that every item has a potential buyer somewhere, just maybe not today. And everything was worth a bit of haggling until a price was agreed on that left both parties satisfied that each of them had won.preston market camera enthusiasts

There were some very wise people perusing some very big books:bookseller at preston antique market

But the stall that got my vote for an elegance of display was the one which gave prime position on red velvet to these old boots, keeping them well away from the display of Matchbox lorries on yellow velvet:old boots on red velvet beside Matchbox cars

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Anonymous · 10 April 2014 at 22:09

Looks like a place worth visiting

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