We are so lucky here in NW England that since lockdown began the weather has been (unusually for April) very warm, dry and sunny. This prolonged spell of good weather has made it so much easier to adapt to the current situation.

Sunshine, flowers and a camera with a macro lens are a pretty good combination!

On a daily exercise walk last week from the house up to the churchyard I photographed some daisies:

(80mm macro lens. ISO400. f2.8. 1/5800 sec)

Daisies in Churchyard ©HelenBushe

The next day I focused on a single Forget-me-not within the spread of them beside our garden shed:

(80mm macro lens. ISO800. f5.6. 1/110sec)

Forget-me-not ©HelenBushe

Finding joy in small things doesn’t always involve going on an expedition looking for rarities. There’s plenty to appreciate near to home, although I so wish an orange-tip butterfly would land in our small garden! There are plenty around at this time of year. Perhaps tomorrow.

Thanks as ever to Irene for her Sunshine’s Macro Monday Challenge.

Stay safe everyone.


lolaWi · 4 May 2020 at 02:52

beautiful! 🙂

TCast · 28 April 2020 at 06:31

Such happy photos.

M.B. Henry · 27 April 2020 at 22:48

Gorgeous photos

I'm always pleased to read comments.....

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