Looking Carefully in the Garden.

(Subtitled: “Looking desperately in the garden for something new to photograph with my macro lens and hoping that the breeze dies down)

The macros for my post for this week’s “Finding Joy in Small Things” were taken within the last couple of days in our small garden.

How I am patiently/impatiently anticipating some new flowers to blossom for photographs!!!

However, the absence of anything more grand does put the spotlight on an errant bluebell in a tub of emerging Agapanthus:

Bluebell in Agapanthus Tub ©HelenBushe
f5.6 ISO800 1/850sec

Also a single chive flower in a small patch of around 50 in a border becomes worthy of attention:

Chive Flower ©HelenBushe
f11 ISO2000 1/800sec

Whilst waiting for this Clematis to flower, I looked carefully at one of its buds:

Clematis Bud ©HelenBushe
f18 ISO800 1/150sec

I wonder what new joys I can find in the garden tomorrow……..

All images ©HelenBushe

Taken with Fuji xT3 with 80mm Macro lens.

Processed using LUMINAR4

Thanks to Irene for her Sunshine’s Macro Monday Challenge #40

and to Cee for her Flower of the Day Challenge.

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