When we grow up we’re going to be Tawny Owls……

…………..but in the meantime we know we look like hand-puppets knitted by someone who is using knitting needles for the first time, and then turned inside out!

Tawny Owlets ©HelenBushe

Most of the best sightings we’ve had over the years have been birds pointed out to us by generous fellow-birdwatchers with far more experience/knowledge/patience than we’ll ever have.

These Tawny Owlets were high in their tree deep in a wood, known only to a local birdwatcher who had been observing them (from a safe distance) since they hatched. Thank you John! Without your help, we’d never had seen these gorgeous babies.

Tawny Owlet 1 ©HelenBushe
Tawny Owlet 2 ©HelenBushe

The magic of birdwatching!

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Lisa Coleman · 19 October 2020 at 16:46

Oh my goodness! I love your analogy with these owlets! You certainly would think that if you touched them, they would feel like yarn. I’ve never heard of a Tawny Owl so thank you for introducing this one to us. What a great experience and to have someone who knows where to find them. That’s what happened to us with the Long-eared Owl. If the park ranger hadn’t pointed the bird out, we would have walked right past without seeing it. 🙂

    Helen Bushe · 19 October 2020 at 18:35

    It was a magical moment (10 years ago) and such a privilege. I wasn’t expecting to see them, my camera settings were all wrong and the woods were dark! Extreme Post-processing required with these photos, but it’s all about the memory and their gorgeousness.

      Lisa Coleman · 20 October 2020 at 13:49

      Absolutely! I many memorable moments where my camera just wouldn’t focus. Happened to me every time I tried to photograph a magpie last September and again Saturday of an American Redstart only a few feet away. Settings were fine both times and the frustration was real.

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