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A couple of hours to spare so went looking for the grebes, hoping to see the chicks. What a difference 2 weeks can make to the vegetation in a pond. You’d never know there had ever been a grebe nest there, with all the grasses and reeds covering the area. Did spot the grebes far out in the loch and looked like one parent might have had chicks on her back with other parent feeding them.

The parent swans were out showing the wee ones how to paddle about. They were so solicitous and didn’t half hiss at any passing dogs not on the lead. And quite right too. After a 10 minute swim about, the cygnets were ushered back to the nest but weren’t allowed to snuggle down with parent until they had dried out.

They were all trying to beat one another to prime position under parent.

cygnet asleep 1024 pixels

The parental duvet easily accommodated all 5 cygnets



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