The “Gift of the Gael” is a replica Viking Longship based around a Gaelic adaptation of a Norse design, the Birlinn, also known as a Scottish Galley, developed in the Hebrides and Western Isles of Scotland.

Viking settlers would have commonly used this design as a small cargo ship for trade, exploration, invasion and warfare including transportation of mercenaries to Ireland.- PLATTY+ 


The Gift of the Gael Viking Longship

The Gift of the Gael ©HelenBushe

She was built by The GalGael Trust – a community project building and sailing traditional boats in celebration of Scotland’s heritage.

Built in a Glasgow shipyard in 1999 from oak and elm gifted to the trust by the local council from trees felled by a heavy storm. Her name means gift of the Gaelic people. She was the first ship to be launched on the Clyde this millennium. – PLATTY+

I saw this wonderful boat yesterday at the Lodore Falls jetty on Derwentwater on my third trip of the year to Borrowdale Valley. The cleverly named PLATTY+ website has this tempting information:

With one of our experienced helmsman in control, we will take up to ten of you, on an inspiring adventure, learning to explore just like the Vikings or just enjoy the surroundings in this good natured vessel.

Our Viking Longship, the “Gift of the Gael”, can be sailed or rowed which makes this a very versatile activity with respect to both session content and the weather! She can be used on a purely fun basis or as an integral part of a fun packed inspirational educational experience.

Our experience and knowledge of the lake along with access to safety boats allows us to offer you a range of experiences in most weather conditions. Anyone can go on-board, there are no age limits, from babes in arms to great gran and we have all the necessary safety equipment.

And just to give a clearer idea of what being a Viking would be like, they provide the following picture for anyone lacking imagination:


Eric-the-Viking (Image from PLATTY+website)

Is this Oddball enough for Cee’s OddBall Challenge? I believe it is! I hope you agree.



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