DINO FERRARI (early 1960’s — 16th march 2014)

My first taste of PROPER coffee and hearing the pressurized WHOOSH and GURGLE of  a continental coffee machine was in Dino’s in the mid-sixties. Now, in those days, a coffee in Glasgow was some brownish/greyish liquid of indeterminate flavour served in a floral patterned cup and saucer, or if it was a really trendy coffee bar it would be served in a glass cup and saucer of the scratched Pyrex variety (oh, and always with the option of some scum on top if you were adventurous enough to order a Cappucino). To this day I can’t touch a Cappucino.

Going to Dino’s was like being abroad for a couple of hours before you got your first passport.  Dino’s was Italian/Swiss/Alpine murals, the banter of the waiters, the extensive menu……. words like “al dente” and “al forno” ………veg like peppers and aubergines….garlic…..chilli oil…….calamari…. And that was just on the first visit!

It was handy for elevenses, for lunch, for pre-theatre, whatever.

Dino’s has always been there. Dino’s won’t be there any more. It will close on 16th march 2014.

Some pictures taken in its last week:

Dino Ferrari

Dinos 2 Fl&web

Dinos 3 Fl&web


Anonymous · 4 April 2015 at 09:12

That’s me in the middle, good pics

    HMB · 4 April 2015 at 10:06

    Amazing. It was a favourite place. Thanks for dropping by.

Mark McCue · 28 March 2014 at 09:35

Love these. Unfortunately i heard Dinos is shutting down. (and to my shame Ive never been in it)

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