OddBalls on the Pier

Just before the schools’ February half-term week’s holiday, there is feverish activity in our local seaside resorts.

The Showzam Street Festival will hit Blackpool again, the Pleasure Beach will open and everyone and everything will come out of hibernation.

Cafés will put tables and chairs outside for those souls hardy enough to brave the elements (or who want a quick puff on a ciggy).

But before all this can happen, there is some serious cleaning to be done. After the mid-term holiday, some amusements close down and then there’s a massive Spring Clean in time for Easter.

Cleaning the carousels on one of the piers involved a man with a ladder, an orange bucket, a sponge and green Marigold gloves:


Cleaning , Carousel, oddball, Blackpool, pier

Cleaning the Carousel ©HelenBushe


It’s a tough job testing the SkyDiver, but someone’s got to do it:

Skydiver ,test, Blackpool, pier,

Testing the SkyDiver ©HelenBushe


Mr HotDog has been dusted down:

humour, Blackpool, ketchup, hotdog

More Ketchup Please ©HelenBushe


With a bit of luck the sky will stay this blue for the rest of the holiday week, even though the temperature isn’t much above freezing when you factor in wind-chill:

carousel, oddball, Blackpool, pier skydiver, plane ,

A Carousel, a Skydiver and a Plane ©HelenBushe



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Cee Neuner · 13 February 2017 at 18:44

Helen, you have some marvelous and breathtaking photos for this week. 😀

    HMB · 13 February 2017 at 18:45

    Thanks Cee. It was the windchill that took my breath away

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