Monday Macro: Even a Flower can have a Bad-Hair Day.

I have two pictures for this weeks Monday Macro…….. …….an elegant, sophisticated, minimalist rose: ………and a sunflower having a bad-hair day: All images ©HelenBushe When I look in the mirror, I kind of identify more with the second picture. How about you? For more macros, visit Sunshine’s Monday Macro 8.

Low Tide at the Creek Black& White challenge monochrome Skipool Creek

Y is for Yacht and Z is for ZigZag

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Letters Y and Z It doesn’t seem a whole alphabet ago that this challenge started! To round off: Y is for Yacht:   Z is for ZigZag like the lines in this observation tower at a local bird reserve:    I’ve very much enjoyed this challenge Read more…

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