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MONDAY is MACRO DAY: WEEK 6: Dragonflies

  A Dragonfly smiled at me last week! Don’t ever let anyone tell you that dragonflies can’t smile. Of course they can and they often do. ┬áHere are the photographs to prove it.   This Common Darter Dragonfly smiled at me and I smiled back at him.   This one Read more…

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MONDAY is MACRO DAY: WEEK 4: Bumblebees and Pollen Baskets

POLLINATION in ACTION ! As busy as a bee! As busy as bumblebee! As busy as this Common Carder Bee gathering pollen was on Tuesday afternoon this week at Myers Allotment in Silverdale.   And what’s the orange clump on this bee’s leg? It’s a pollen basket: What’s a pollen Read more…

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