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Smile on Saturday: The Cat Sat in the Green Bag

You put your shopping bag down for a minute behind the kitchen door while you look for car keys….. …..and suddenly its not your bag any more. (picture taken this morning on iPhone 8 Plus) Thank you for visiting PHOTOPHILE Smile on Saturday

Wind in the Willows Mr Toad Brockholes

Smile on Saturday: Mr Toad and his Friends.

Mr Toad and Friends go Birdwatching. I went for a wander around a local nature reserve, Brockholes, a couple of weeks ago.  I had decided NOT to take photographs and simply enjoy observing the wildlife. I made point of leaving my camera at home and took only binoculars. However, the photographer in Read more…

Knaresborough: A Phantom Door cottage

Knaresborough: An Illusory Pink Door

All is not what it seems in Knaresborough….. I spotted this wonderfully vibrant door when I was heading to the market in the town square. I did laugh when I got close enough to photograph it:         Some things in Knaresborough are real…. …….like this view from Read more…

Too many Cooks teddy bears baking

Smile on Saturday: Tea for Two Teddy Bears

I saw these in a shop window this week and smiled:     And this is what’s making me smile right now as I write this post. (Any minute now one of them will be on the keyboard. They’ve already walked across it and deposited cat hair )   Thank Read more…

Thursday Doors: A Bird on the Head.

A bird on the head…… …… worth two on the bench …..but only in Barcelona.   Can you spot the keyhole on this door? And a couple of secret panels?   I wasn’t the only one in the Gothic Quarter that day photographing doors for Norm’s Thursday Doors. Perhaps Norm Read more…

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