Trip to Warton Crag, taking in Leighton Moss and Myers Allotment en route. At Myers Allotment there were literally hundreds of Meadow Brown flying low, almost hugging the ground and scores of Whites fluttering above the taller vegetation.  No Fritillaries in evidence but saw a Broad-bodied Chaser.broad bodied chaser 1000pixels                                                                                                                                              Perfect summer’s day at Warton Crag with a bit of a breeze keeping it cool enough for the “Great Fritillary Hunt” which was the prime reason for going. Lots of Skippers on the lower slopes.skipper Also saw an unusual moth on a gorse bush (identified by a contact as a Barred Red).Barred Red

Eventually the High Brown Fritillaries put in an appearance at the first clearing higher up the crag. So all in all a very successful and enjoyable day.High Brown Fritillary


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