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Got my first butterfly pictures of the year today!  Hooray! Got them….just. When we arrived at the site the butterflies hadn’t wakened up; they just needed a few more minutes of sunshine and then a few started fluttering around. We saw Brimstone, Peacocks, Orange-tips and a couple of Commas. Not bad for a first outing.

Also bumped into good friend Jim (aka Jazzbeat) who identified all the singing birds by their calls. Clever stuff!  Thanks too, Jim, for messaging us about the Brimstone at Gaitbarrows, but by that time we had a couple of our own at Myers Allotment to chase after. Every year my efforts to keep up with butterflies on the wing get more desperate and ungainly. Sometimes it’s better just to find a good vantage point and wait for them to land at an ideal focal distance. If only. These two did remain perched for long enough and were close enough. Still, if it was easy it would be no fun at all and we’d be as well going to a Butterfly Farm.

Brimstone butterfly MyersAllotmentPEACOCK 1Myers Sign


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