The quote, “Cats and monkeys – monkeys and cats – all human life is there !”, always comes to mind when I’m in Argyle Street. In a ten minute walk from the bottom of Buchanan Street along to the Tron there was a fair bit to capture the attention on a quiet Tuesday afternoon. You should see it on a Saturday when it’s buzzing, or ” hoachin’ wi’ folk” as they say in Glasgow.                                           Some folk were just sitting:

man and dog fl&webman with paper cup fl7web

Some were definitely going somewhere:

3 men fl&web

Some were trading :

evening times seller fl&web

most probably oblivious to this blue plaque:

stan laurel sign flickr replace

But then who needs a blue plaque or some old signs on a wall when there are these literary stoaters:

glesca rock fl&web

Fancy rats fl&web

To reconsider Henry James’s “cats and monkeys” quotation mentioned at the beginning,

who needs cats and monkeys when you’ve got fancy rats and slider turtles??????

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Anonymous · 13 March 2014 at 17:14

Quite a place with as you say, all sorts.

I'm always pleased to read comments.....

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