This week Hugh’s Photo Challenge is : Solitude.

Solitude is relatively easy to achieve on the promenade at Cleveleys on a bitterly cold day.

A Man on a Bike


Hugh's Views and News · 6 April 2016 at 10:15

Beautiful photo to describe solitude, Helen. I wonder what was going through his mind?

    HMB · 6 April 2016 at 10:25

    Thanks you. I like to think that he was contemplating the wonders of the world……or the fact that he should have put shoes on that morning and not the sandals he is wearing. Take your pick.

Haylee · 6 April 2016 at 09:50

Fantastic image – I like that he seems to be contemplating something as he looks towards the horizon. Does look cold though!

    HMB · 6 April 2016 at 10:05

    Thank you for your encouraging comment. Yes he does look cold. Perhaps he shouldn’t have put sandals on.

      Haylee · 6 April 2016 at 11:19

      Haha, at least he’s rocking the socks!

        HMB · 6 April 2016 at 11:21

iballrtw · 5 April 2016 at 22:39

Very nice! Water, the beach – all good.

    HMB · 5 April 2016 at 22:40

    Thank you so much.

desleyjane · 5 April 2016 at 22:35

Beautiful shot. I love the beach in black and white.

    HMB · 5 April 2016 at 22:35

    Thank you.

GeorgieMoon · 5 April 2016 at 20:34

Great photo, and it does look chilly!

    HMB · 5 April 2016 at 20:37

    It’s always chilly at that point on the coast unless there’s a heatwave. Thanks for your kind comment.

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