Fresh air, exercise, coffee, a pastry or two …….. first stop Lytham and then onto the seafront at Cleveleys. When the sea defences were repaired recently,a grant was secured at the same time to regenerate the coast through the Arts. The “Cleveleys Mythological Coastline” is part of a national Sea Change initiative. Based on a children’s story called The Sea Swallow, various pieces of sculpture are in place along the coastline. Mary’s Shell is my favourite and one I think I’ll be revisiting many times at different tide times and in different light (sunset would be nice), so would dawn if it wasn’t too early.
mary's shell

Coming back along the shore road took a couple of winter-at-the-seaside-don’t-you-wish you-were here shots:

Seaside shelter wp

winter bench

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bhoywhunder · 17 January 2014 at 11:01

Just found your blog, love that first one of the twirly thingamabob!

I'm always pleased to read comments.....

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