2nd week into challenge of going out with one fixed lens on one day, with one theme in mind. Today the camera was the Fuji x100S with a 23mm lens and the area visited was Central Preston, around Winkley Square. This Georgian Square was established in 1801 as an exclusive residential area for the town’s gentry. More of the history and the architecture another time; today it was doors,doors, doors, and there were plenty of them. There were black ones,red ones, green ones, pink ones, yellow ones, purple ones and even a few brown ones, all with impressive brass door furniture.

Purple Door

green door web

In a street just off  Winkley Square, behind a modern apartment block is Preston’s Hidden Church, Our Lady of Victories. This is one of the few churches in England where the mass is said in Latin which could be heard from the other side of this door:

church door fl & web

Back out and round the corner in Guildhall Street is a new Chinese restaurant with a very nice door! And a very nice owner called Mr Chung who welcomed  us in to photograph the interior. Unfortunately, the restaurant, called FACE, doesn’t open for another 6 weeks. Having read the menu a return visit is definitely on the cards.

ch rest door for web

Through the door and down the stairs there was everything you could wish for in a Chinese restaurant ….EXCEPT FOOD!

ch rest 1 for web

ch rest 2 for web

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Anonymous · 8 February 2014 at 21:01

Very interesting and great pics.

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